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Drawing of Burnin tied up with pink rope, arms tied over her head. She's smiling, looking a bit smug. Drawing of Burnin wearing only underwear, back turned to the screen, her hair down. She's leaning her hands against a railing, a can between her buttcheeks that says 'suck me', blue sky around her.


Drawing of Miruko and Burnin, both naked aside from Burnin wearing a purple blindfold. Burnin is straddling Miruko, head turned to the side. Miruko is propping herself up by keeping her hands on Burnin's waist as they fuck. Drawing of Miruko and Burnin, both naked aside from Miruko wearing gold underwear. Burnin's hands are tied behind her back. Miruko is standing behind Burnin, chest pressed against her back and arm, her right hand on Burnin's shoulder, her left on her upper stomach. Burnin is looking over her shoulder as they're smiling at each other. Drawing of Midnight and Ms Joke. Ms Joke is on her back, Midnight pressing up against her on top of her, between her legs. Joke's hands rest against Midnight's cheeks and neck as they kiss, eyes closed, both sweating as Midnight fucks Joke. Drawing of a naked Midnight with her glasses on. She's sitting down, one arm resting between her legs, the other propping her up as she leans slightly backwards. Her right leg is pulled up against itself. She's shiny, like she's been oiled up, and she's sticking her tongue out, a piercing in her tongue. Drawing of Miruko who's got Shigaraki bent over, his arms tied behind his back, his cheek pressed against the sheets in the bed. She's steadying him with a hand on his arm, her other hand ghosting over his back. She's wearing a strapon. Drawing of Present Mic, All Might and Eraserhead. Eraserhead is behind All Might who is in his small form, fucking him from behind, arms around him as he kisses him on the shoulder. Mic is on his back, a ball gag in his mouth, arms gripping All Might's thighs. All Might is gripping Mic by the hips as he fucks him. Mic's legs are held up by Eraserhead's arms.


Drawing of Midnight and Ms Joke, from the chest up. They're naked, Joke leaning her back against Midnight's chest as she looks over her shoulder, smiling at Midnight while Midnight is kissing her on the forehead. Drawing of Midnight, naked, legs spread, her arms tied together in shibari in front of her, covering her genitals. She's got one eye closed and she's biting her tongue that's poking out of her mouth. She's sitting on a bed with purple sheets.


Image made to look like a screenshot of the text messages app. Up top is a no-colour drawing of Hawks, only his wings and tongue coloured red. He's holding his phone up so it covers parts of his face, taking a selfie as he sticks his tongue out. He's wearing his hero-suit shirt but no jacket. Chat bubbles underneath read; 'About to suck some dick', 'You just got out of the hospital you dumb chicken bitch omg. Your kidneys are failing hawks' 'Miruko I got out of the hospital like 2 hours ago! I demand dick!' Image is a redraw of a meme. Sketch of Hawks and Fuyumi, both naked. Hawks is on his back, arms tied together behind his head. Fuyumi is holding his leg up by the thigh as she pegs him, their faces close together. Drawing of Hawks, naked, light pink hair and brown wings, drawn before he had official colours. He's naked aside from a big brown cardigan. He's lying on his back, arms up, one by his face and the other over his head. He has top surgery scars. Drawing of Hawks, naked, light green hair and brown wings, drawn before he had official colours. He's got one hand down in front of his genitals, the other hand up by his face as he bites his finger, eyes closed, laughing. He's standing on his knees in a bed.

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