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Indecent Experiments
Takeuchi has been working on a non-army invention and asks Maeda to test it out with him.
Fandom: Mars Red
Ships: Maeda Yoshinobu/Takeuchi
Characters: Maeda Yoshinobu, Takeuchi
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3,534
Type: Oneshot
Warnings: None
Tags: Blow jobs, Kissing, references to the game, Human/Vampire Relationship
Originally posted: 2022-11-28
Read on AO3

When Maeda Yoshinobu became involved with a certain mad scientist he knew there might be a lot of strange situations in store for him. What he had not expected was the pink-haired man beaming up at him when asked what he was working on, showing off a crescent-shaped little thing. At the very least, he hadn’t been expecting the new invention’s intended purposes.

“It’s a gum shield! They started using it in Europe not too long ago for boxers, but I thought it would be perfect for vampires too.”

Maeda raised his eyebrow, watching the item between Takeuchi’s fingers. “I didn’t know vampires liked boxing.” By the name of it, he could assume what they were used for though, and they could possibly come in handy if vampires got punched in the face to protect them from cutting up the inside of their mouths, but with their quick healing, were they necessary?. “How were you planning on having them use this?”

“Oh no, I was thinking about how useful it could be to wear during intercourse.”

Maeda was happy he hadn’t been drinking anything as Takeuchi spoke, and he could feel a slight heat rise to his cheeks. The scientist sure didn’t worry about the impropriety of such a topic without lowering voices. Though the city had its own red-light district, outside of it no one really discussed such things outside closed doors. And the door to Takeuchi’s lab was decidedly not closed. If Yamagami heard him, the recent vampire would have been unbelievably flustered. As it was, it only made Maeda start for a moment before collecting himself.

The vampire in front of him seemed none the wiser about how others would think of the topic however, and was looking at him with an enthusiastic smile full of sharp teeth. Yeah, Maeda could see the use for it.

“Tenmanya recently got me this material that I’ve been working with to make bottles to transport blood in less fragile containers. It’s called silicone and it’s absolutely fascinating . I tried using the same material that they use in Europe at first, but that material might be too unpleasant for intercourse, so I decided to try and use the leftovers from the bottles I’m making.”

Watching Takeuchi talk about his inventions and research like this was something Maeda had come to think fondly of, even if the shorter man could get long-winded really easily if left uninterrupted. He’d found himself not minding it as much as he had back when they had first met.

“Would you like to try them out with me?”

Having been distracted for just a moment, listening to Takeuchi speak, his attention refocused on Takeuchi at the question. Takeuchi was looking up at him from his seat at the table of his lab, looking at him with curiosity and excitement. It was… strangely endearing.

“What exactly would we be doing, then?” He knew already, but it was always good to get confirmation when it came to Takeuchi.

“The times teeth come the most into play would be kissing and fellatio, so those would be the most important parts,” Takeuchi explained, as he picked up a matching piece of the silicone, as he would undoubtedly need a full set to cover every single one of his teeth. “What do you think?”

It was true that the two of them had never even kissed before due to the state of Takeuchi’s teeth, but jumping straight to even more intimate acts… He wasn’t against it, even though it was unconventional. “Alright,” he agreed, chuckling quietly at the way the older man’s face lit up. He caught Takeuchi’s wrist with his hand as the vampire was about to put the guards into his mouth. “This isn’t something we should be doing here though, we should at the very least go to my quarters.”

“Oh! Sure, let me grab a few more things and I will be right there! I have some other items we could try out while we’re at it.” Takeuchi shoos him off with his hand, and though Maeda is slightly sceptical to be leaving him to make the trek to his rooms on his own with whatever he’s got cooked up, he heaves a quiet sigh that has no reason to come out sounding as fond of the man as it ends up being. The others might end up finding out more than he had planned for now, but he would take care of that if it became a problem.

So he turned around to leave Takeuchi to collect his things, heading back to his rooms to wait for the pink-haired vampire there. Hopefully, the man wouldn’t take too long.

As luck would have it, it took less than ten minutes for Takeuchi to open his door. And just like Maeda had expected, he completely forgot about knocking. He didn’t even lock the door after himself, so while Takeuchi talked up a storm and placed the things he had brought in a pile next to the futon, Maeda went ahead and did it himself. Takeuchi wasn’t the only vampire around who was bad at knocking, and he did not wish for anyone to walk in on them during this so-called ‘experiment’.

As he walked up behind the shorter man to look at what he had brought, Takeuchi looked up at him with a sparkling red eye. With a cheeky smile he picked up the two matching pieces of his gum shields and fitted them over his teeth. His smile looked even more strange once they were on, and it made a corner of Maeda’s lips quirk upward.

Pulling off his glove, he took hold of Takeuchi’s chin, tilting his head upward. With trust in the vampire’s skills with inventions, he locked his lips with the other’s.

Kissing a vampire felt quite different from kissing a human. Takeuchi’s lips were still soft, but they were cold to the touch compared to his own. Takeuchi turned around to allow for better access and wrapped his arms around the human in front of him, slinging them over his neck. The kiss deepened, Maeda’s tongue feeling the smooth surface covering razor-sharp teeth, protecting him from the poison of a bite. He looked at the scientist through half-lidded eyes, meeting the red-eyed gaze that looked back at him. A thought made its way to the forefront of his mind, and when he pulled back to breathe he took Takeuchi’s bottom lip between his teeth, tugging at it, an imitation of a bite. It made Takeuchi laugh, and he sank down onto his heels again from where he had to stand on the tips of his toes to meet Maeda for their kiss.

“Maeda-than! Maybe I should make a sesh of shielths for you thoo!”

The officer smiled down at the other man, the lisp caused by the shields very prominent when Takeuchi spoke. Takeuchi, who was now tugging him down onto the futon. “Now, we know thath kithing workth perfechly fine, so Maeda-than, there’th thome other thingth we need to try.”

Maeda chuckled at the way the gum shield affected Takeuchi’s speech. It was cute, but not particularly erotic. Nor was the very clinical way the vampire was now explaining oral sex and the benefits of masturbation in humans, and his curiosity about if the same applied to vampires as well.

To slow the monologue down, Maeda wrapped his arm around Takeuchi’s waist, flipping the babbling man over so he ended up on his back, making Takeuchi give out an amused squeal. Maeda shrugged out of his jacket, and Takeuchi looked up with a gleaming eye, mouth coming to a stop.

Smiling, Takeuchi helped him with the buttons on his shirt, leaving the man on top of him shirtless. While Maeda unbuckled his belt, Takeuchi removed his lab coat, suspenders and shirt.

Pulling Takeuchi up so they were sitting face to face, Maeda leaned forward, removing the eyepatch for him, baring an eye he had only seen a handful of times throughout the years they had known each other.

He pressed his lips to the man’s eyelid, and he could feel the movement of fragile, cool skin. When he pulled back he met Takeuchi’s full stare. With a pleased noise, Takeuchi pounced, sending Maeda onto his back with the shorter man on top of him, grinning that face splitting, wide smile that made his entire face light up.

“I didn know you could be tho thweet, Maeda-than,” he spoke, pressing his lips firmly to his captain’s. When Maeda met Takeuchi’s gaze after the brief kiss the vampire’s eyes were gentle, the stigmata a pitch black that stood out against the bright red of his iris and white of the sclera. Maeda ran his hand through pink hair, rumpling the styling of it. “Don’t tell the others,” he murmured, making Takeuchi’s smile all the brighter.

“I will do my besth to keep your deep, dark thecret,” he teased as he pulled off his gloves. The scars on every finger were dark against pale skin that would never see the sun again. Just like with the stigmata, Takeuchi’s bare hands were a rare sight, the scars not even something Maeda had been aware of until a long time after they had met. He didn’t know how he had gotten them, but in a way, they suited him. Slender fingers marred only by scars and stitches that would probably never be removed.

Without breaking eye contact, Takeuchi ran those fingers down Maeda’s chest, the cold of them making the human shiver slightly. Just as the vampire was about to dip out of sight, Maeda propped himself up on his elbows, cheeks flushing red as he both felt and saw the other man undoing the buttons of his trousers. Takeuchi found the waistband of his underwear, and all while remaining eye contact he pulled Maeda’s cock free, a cheeky smile on his lips.

A hard shiver ran down Maeda’s spine as he felt a cold tongue dip against the tip of his cock. The difference of temperature was immense, and he had no choice but to let his head fall back when the vampire took all of him into his mouth at once.

It was unlike any other intimate experience he’d ever had. Human mouths were warm, making his cock burn. This… if he had ever ventured a guess as to the feeling of it, he would have assumed it an awkward and mildly unpleasant experience to have something so cold on his privates, but this felt way too good to stay focused for long.

The pressure of the back of Takeuchi’s throat at the head of his cock stood in contrast to the feathery touch of long eyelashes against his skin, and he had to hold back a grunt when Takeuchi swallowed around him. Then the man started moving, and he felt his eyes straining to roll back into his head.

Due to the gum shield Takeuchi produced more saliva than he normally would have, making the whole affair wet and messy, a little clumsy, but it still felt ridiculously good. It was as if his nervous system was struggling with the body’s expectation of heat and the reality of the cold, making him hypersensitive to every little movement Takeuchi made.

Takeuchi pulled back, the saliva coating Maeda’s cock making his movements easier as he bobbed his head along its length He held one of Maeda’s thighs down with one hand, the other running up and down a hard stomach. He could feel the taste of precome on his tongue, the salty taste warm in his mouth. He sucked on the reddened skin, lapping up every noise made by the captain beneath him, feeling every moving muscle and hearing every hitch in his breath. The scent of sweat filled his nose, making him close his eyes. There were some scents that were just so quintessentially human, and he enjoyed every moment of it that he could bring out of Maeda.

Takeuchi’s tongue felt out every little dent and divot in the sensitive skin, and in the way Maeda’s entire body tightened, he knew the man was close to orgasm. His movements slowed, every shift of his head dragging the human closer and closer to the edge. Just as he could feel the start of an orgasm he pulled back just enough for the come to fill his mouth. He could feel the hot semen run down his chin, the heat filling him like molten lava made for consumption. Strings of white landed on his tongue, until Maeda was left spent, panting on the futon, lowered onto his back again.

Takeuchi greedily licked his lips to catch as much of the salty substance as possible while he moved back up Maeda’s body. Once he was back at eye level with the taller man he found the most delicious sight of a breathless, red-cheeked captain, making Takeuchi feel immense pleasure from having been able to bring him to this state. Maeda’s hair was mussed, no longer perfect in its combed back state, and he was breathing with an open mouth, eyes just barely open.

All too happy, the vampire leaned down to capture the younger man’s lips. Maeda lifted his arm, hand burying in the wild curls of hair that was almost out of its regular skyward style, pressing his face closer. It was a strange experience to taste yourself on someone else’s lips. None of his previous lovers had been so bold as to kiss him right after taking him into their mouths, but Takeuchi was rarely conventional.

The kiss was deep, long, Maeda’s warm breath tickling the cold skin of Takeuchi’s face. Once they parted Maeda had to recapture his breath. For a few moments, they did nothing but look at each other. Eye contact had never felt so intimate, and Maeda felt cheesy for even thinking it.

Then, Takeuchi tucked a strand of stray hair behind Maeda’s ear, before sitting up. Maeda followed, his hand resting comfortably against Takeuchi’s bare arm. The smile on Takeuchi’s face was gentle again, making Maeda feel warm inside in a way he hadn’t in a long time.

In consideration, Takeuchi looked at him with his head tilted to the side, legs tucked up to his chest. “Do you have condomth?” he then asked.

Maeda leaned forward, hand plucking a small tin box out of a compartment in his dresser. Handing it to Takeuchi, the man opened the little box, finding rolled and bound rubber condoms inside. He plucked one out, holding it in his hand as he handed the box back. “Vampireth can’th come in a conventional way, but if you wanth, I would like you tho make me orgathm.”

The straightforward but polite way in which Takeuchi made his request was needlessly endearing, and without further prompting Maeda took the condom out of the vampire’s hand, undoing the paper binding it into shape and rolling it onto his cock, though he did take the time to remove both trousers and underwear fully before doing so. Picking through what he had brought with him, Takeuchi picked up a bottle containing a clear liquid, looking similar to his own come in consistency. Maeda realised its purpose quickly. Unlike a woman, a man didn’t self lubricate and needed a little bit of help along the way.

Before he could do anything else, Takeuchi had reached into his things and pulled out a set of dildos made of smooth, shiny wood. Some were thin, while the others worked themselves up in girth. Takeuchi pulled one of the thinner ones out of the leather pouch similar to the one he kept on his hip for test tubes and tools at most times, handing it and the bottle to his captain. “Shtart with thith,” he said, “and work your way up to your own thize.”

If Takeuchi had guessed that Maeda might not have been with another man before, he had guessed correctly. He’d been able to assume how it worked on his own, but the preparation before he could enter Takeuchi hadn’t been something he had considered.

He coated the dildo in the sticky liquid he’d been supplied with while Takeuchi undid his own belt and buttons. He shimmied out of the rest of his clothes, leaving them both equally naked aside from socks and garters.

Urging Takeuchi onto his back, Maeda ran the fingers of his prosthetic arm down Takeuchi’s soft belly, watching the slight shiver drawn out of him at the touch. He smirked, leaning forward to pay Takeuchi back for the earlier eye contact as he slowly pushed the first dildo inside. Takeuchi let out a small sound as his body adjusted to the intrusion, cock already hard from just having been on the giving end of their earlier activities.

Impatient but thorough, Maeda worked his way through the assortment of dildos, watching Takeuchi squirm and pant underneath him. Compared to his own body, Takeuchi’s was soft and pliable, a remnant of his human life spent outside the army. When he was satisfied with the amount of preparation, he pulled the last dildo out, and after having coated his condom clad cock in lubricant, he lifted Takeuchi’s leg over his shoulder, easily sliding his cock inside Takeuchi’s ass. Takeuchi’s back arched. He moaned as he felt himself get filled with his captain’s cock, scarred fingers gripping at the soft fabric of the futon.

Maeda started with a slow pace, rocking his hips in and out of the vampire who didn’t hold back on the sounds he made. Maeda felt how hard he himself was by now, the eroticism of stretching the other man’s insides having been surprisingly intense.

At the insistence of the man with pink hair, he quickened the pace, until Takeuchi was practically suspended in the air but for his hands fisting the fabric underneath them, hair brushing the mattress. The leg that wasn’t flung over Maeda’s shoulder was pinned to the mattress by a mechanical hand, spreading him wide open for Maeda to see. Various scars littered Takeuchi’s body, scars that Maeda looked forward to memorising the more time they spent together.

Just like with humans, it was noticeable when Takeuchi got closer to orgasm. His body became taut as the string of a bow, his body twitching just slightly. Maeda leaned forward, pushing even deeper inside the shorter man, Takeuchi’s shoulder blades pressing against the futon, legs spread to their limit. Takeuchi let out a loud groan, body spasming, eyes rolling back. Maeda could feel the cold tighten around him, and he knew that Takeuchi was coming despite nothing coming out of him. He only knew it was over once Takeuchi’s body relaxed, half suspended in the air even now, muscles like jelly.

The vampire reached out shivering hands, cupping Maeda’s cheeks in an attempt at pulling him closer. Maeda obliged, though instead of meeting his lips he pressed slow, gentle kisses all over the vampire’s face, in pace with his thrusts. Takeuchi’s cheeks were slightly flushed, the colour of his eyes just barely visible through his lashes. Only a few drops of sweat could be found on his body, though his body stayed perfectly room temperature.

Barely a couple of minutes later, Maeda came, and Takeuchi could feel the burning heat inside of him. It made him hum in satisfaction, eyes closing fully. It felt like a loss when Maeda pulled out, tying the condom off and disposing it into the trash. Takeuchi cracked an eye open when he felt Maeda lower the leg slung over his shoulder, the vampire slowly sitting up. He plucked the gum shields out of his mouth, swallowing, licking his teeth to get used to the feeling of having them free again.

“I think…” he started, feeling a bit loopy. Vampires might not really need to sleep, but at the moment he really felt like taking a nap. “I think that went really well. We might be able to get a lot of use out of these.” He wrapped the shields in a handkerchief, putting them among his other things.

Maeda’s lips tilted upward into a crooked smile, Takeuchi now sitting right in front of him, almost in his lap. “That sounds like a decent idea,” he agreed, running his hand through his hair to straighten it back out. He would need some more pomade to be presentable again, and maybe wipe down his body with a dry towel, but other than that, the only thing he couldn’t do anything about right away was the redness of his skin.

Cupping Takeuchi’s cheek, he ran his thumb across his skin for a quiet moment. He leaned forward, kissing Takeuchi carefully, mindful of the sharp teeth.

Takeuchi leaned into the touch before withdrawing, smile wide as he started to arrange his items. “I have some more of these things you might find interesting too. There are a lot of interesting things made specifically for intercourse to find around the city.”

Maeda found a towel, wiping himself dry while he listened to Takeuchi, who was yet again monologuing.

Maybe he wouldn’t mind spending more time together like this.


I ended up using the teeth I use for when I cosplay Takeuchi (and Hachin from SB69) to sound out what Takeuchi would sound like with the retainers on. Fun times sitting in my home reading Takeuchi's lines out loud with a major lisp + my accent, typing it out the way it sounded was uuuuh, not easy, especially since I wanted to spell things in a way that I'm not sure would work in English.

I wanted to explore how a human and a vampire would have sex in this, especially considering Takeuchi's teeth, the body temperature and all that. Adding the historical component I had to make some very specific searches for some of this stuff. There's some pretty cool looking condom containers out there.

Also, built-in temperature play comes with the vampire!

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