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Make a dead man come
It's still just the two of them, alone in Takeuchi's underground workshop. Some words slip where they shouldn't and one thing leads to another.
Fandom: Mars Red
Ships: Maeda Yoshinobu/Takeuchi
Characters: Maeda Yoshinobu, Takeuchi
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2,919
Type: Oneshot
Warnings: None
Tags: Pre-canon, Trans male character, oral sex, vaginal sex, biting
Originally posted: 2023-08-16
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It's been a while since I wrote either smut or Mars Red. I've had the smut part sitting for a while, I wrote two versions of my previous MaeTake-fic and uh, had to write a new start for the smut. Finally got around to it.

Trans Takeuchi because I can.

While Takeuchi had worked closely with humans before since becoming a vampire, it had been a good while since it had been with anyone who wasn’t also a scientist. It had been a good long while since he had even talked to someone who wasn’t a scientist, actually, aside from Lieutenant General Nakajima.

So having said man introduce him to a military man in his late 30s and then ask him to be a part of a special new unit of the army, he hadn’t really known what to make of the man.

Maeda didn’t really respond in the way his fellow scientists did. He had the distinct feeling that he was being viewed as an oddity, and not only because of his vampirism (that part he was quite used to being viewed as odd for). Though of course people had viewed him as odd back when he was a human too, he had spent so much time around people of the same profession as himself these last few decades that he had forgotten the feeling. Being a vampire really had been a great buffer between him and the other scientists when it came to forgiving his other differences.

This felt a little bit different to that though. While other people had viewed him almost with hostility for his behaviour back when he was a human, and many had told him straight to his face about their dislike for him, the way Maeda looked at him was a kinder sort of look. He didn’t seem to understand Takeuchi, sure, but his gruff exterior held a certain pleasant edge to it, if one were to ask Takeuchi.

Not that people generally did, in fear of him starting off a monologue that lasted several minutes with no hope of making him quiet anytime soon.

He was fine with that though, for the most part.

It was on a stormy winter afternoon that he found himself trapped in his workshop with Maeda, the man unable to leave the building due to the absolute nightmare weather (weather that Takeuchi had quite enjoyed as a human child, as it was about the only excuse to sit inside and read for hours that he had been able to get away with).

Maeda was sitting on Takeuchi’s swivel chair, watching him putter with his current invention on the floor, the vampire’s back hunched over, his eyes focused on the task at hand. The parts were extremely small and he had taken off his gloves to be able to better get around the tiny workspace to fasten pieces to each other.

There was a cigarette dangling from in between Maeda’s lips, its smoke lazily drifting upwards toward the ceiling.

Takeuchi leaned closer to his work, obscuring the lamplight with his own head, thus fumbling one of the tiny nuts he was about to screw onto a shoulder bolt due to the sudden shift in light. The bolt caught on one of the stitches on his fingers as he tried to catch the nut, knocking it loose and sending it flying in the opposite direction.

He managed to find the bolt easily enough, it lay gleaming in the middle of the floor about a meter or so away from him. The nut on the other hand proved harder find, and he scanned the floor for it.

He should probably clean more often. There were so many things around that it made it a struggle to find something so small in the mess. But with his ideas coming at the most random hours he didn’t want to put his works in progress away in case he decided that was the thing to focus on in that moment.

Ah well, he’d clean everything up later. He had more important things to do.

Like finding that nut.

He lifted his eyepatch out of the way to remove the slight colour shift the lens caused, slowly eyeing up every inch of the floor. Finally, he caught sight of it in the shadows of his desk, and he scuttled over on hands and knees to not lose eye contact with it.

Victorious, he picked the item up, readjusted his eyepatch and put his hand against whatever was closest so as not to lose his balance as he straightened his back with no small amount of cracks and pops.

Maeda cleared his throat.

Takeuchi turned his eyes upward, realising he had placed himself neatly in front of the Lieutenant Colonel’s lap, eye to eye with his privates, his hand resting on the man’s knee.

Takeuchi found his face flush, quickly removing his hand.

“Oh! Hello!” He clutched the nut in his palm, looking to the side to avoid eye contact. “I didn’t mean to be so forward with you today!”

Maeda leaned back in his seat, crossing his legs, resting his right calf on his left knee where he sat. He looked amused, a slight smirk on his face. “And other days?”

“I-” Takeuchi opened and closed him mouth like a fish. He had rarely caught on when he was being flirted with, more subtle approaches often flying over his head, but with his current position it was right in his face. Both literally and figuratively. “I do find you to be a very handsome specimen,” he stumbled over his words, not really thinking them through before they were out of his mouth.

“Handsome specimen?” Maeda plucked the cigarette from between his lips, leaning his elbow against the armrest of Takeuchi’s chair. He let out a long stream of smoke. “You sure have an interesting way with words, Takeuchi.”

“Ah, yes, well,” Still kneeling in front of Maeda, the vampire eyed the other. He wasn’t entirely sure if he was being made fun of. “I haven’t spent a lot of time outside laboratories and workshops the last thirty years or so.”

Maeda tapped a finger against his lap, eyes roving up and down Takeuchi’s body. The look in his eyes sent a shiver down his spine.


“If you get up here I’ll let you be as forward as you’d like.”

For a moment Takeuchi’s eyes darted to the door up the stairs. Had either of them locked the door when they came down here? He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t deny there was a certain thrill in not knowing for sure.

He got on his feet, gingerly settling on top of Maeda’s legs. Maeda shifted the leg resting on his knee, causing Takeuchi to slide forward, their bodies pressing up against each other.

Takeuchi let out an undignified squeak, feeling the blood he drank earlier in the day all flow straight to his face.

He could feel Maeda’s heartbeat’s steady rhythm in his chest where their chests pressed together. Maeda took a deep drag of his cigarette, smirk firmly on his lips. “So? What’ll it be?”

The smoke tickled Takeuchi’s nose as Maeda spoke, and he snatched the cigarette out of the human’s hand, stubbing it out in an empty tin lying on the desk. Maeda let him, following his movements with his eyes.

Feeling a little more confident now that there was no danger of something accidentally setting him on fire, what with how flammable vampires were, he rested his hands on top of Maeda’s shoulders. After a few seconds of consideration, he leaned down, lightly pressing his lips to Maeda’s, testing the waters.

Maeda responded to the kiss, craning his neck to deepen it, a hand moving to the back of Takeuchi’s neck to keep him there. Takeuchi moved his hands to cup Maeda’s face, his attention fully on the kiss so that he didn’t accidentally cut Maeda with his teeth.

This is why he didn’t notice Maeda’s other hand moving to Takeuchi’s back, fingers pushing in between his shirt and trousers so he could push his hand in under his shirt, until Maeda’s hand was entirely against the bare skin between his shoulder blades, fingers burning hot against his much colder skin.

He pulled his head back, covering his mouth to stifle the sound he made at the feeling of the touch.

Maeda pushed the hand at Takeuchi’s neck down so it became level with his lips. Takeuchi shuddered, pressing his hand tighter against his mouth but still failed to keep an embarrassingly loud groan down when Maeda sunk his teeth into the soft skin of his neck.

He could feel the sharp grin against his skin.

It had been a long time since Takeuchi had gotten even a little bit frisky, too wrapped up in his work to bother finding romance, and now he found himself getting a little overwhelmed. Maeda on the other hand seemed to be perfectly calm, his heart beating just as steadily as it had before, only a little bit faster.

Maeda’s hand under his shirt wandered, feeling every uneven piece of scarred skin hiding underneath. His hand moved lower, Takeuchi catching it just before his fingers snuck beneath the belt at his hip.

“Ah, excuse me, I need to catch my breath for a moment.” He felt like his entire face was lit aflame from how flushed it was.

“Vampires need that?

“As a manner of speech.”

Withdrawing his hand, Maeda shifted his legs around so both feet were on the floor, giving Takeuchi a more stable seat on his lap. It also gave just a bit of breathing room, creating a little bit of space between them.

Maeda leaned back in the chair again, eyes dragging along his body. It made Takeuchi all the more flustered. For a moment they just sat there, Takeuchi feeling the heat emanating off Maeda’s body, his senses revelling in it.

“Maeda-san…” Maeda’s eyes turned to his. “Could you kiss me again, now?”

A smirk pulled a corner of Maeda’s mouth upwards, and without a word he leaned forward to claim Takeuchi’s lips again. His hand moved back to the hem of Takeuchi’s trousers, the belt leaving just enough space for him to fit his fingers between the fabric and skin.

This time Takeuchi pressed into the touch, moving his legs so his knees slotted against Maeda’s thighs on the seat of the chair. It was only thanks to the arms of it that they managed to stay put, otherwise he would have fallen down as quickly as he’d gotten up.

That gave Maeda the chance to move back to his neck, and when he bit down this time it was hard, making Takeuchi’s back arch. If Maeda’s hands hadn’t been on him he would have toppled over; instead his body was pressed flush against the other’s.

There was something especially exhilarating about being bitten while you were a vampire, he thought through a hazy mind. While the dullness of Maeda’s human teeth made the action lack the sense of grave danger it would bring if it was done the other way around, even without the threat of fangs it still felt vulnerable, exposing your neck to someone who had the power to easily destroy you should they choose to.

And was he ever aware that Maeda had that power.

He’d seen the man train, had seen him kill other vampires with an ease you wouldn’t expect from a human. But here, now, he posed no threat, even with teeth that were probably strong enough to rip out his throat if he wanted to.

He felt Maeda’s teeth loosen their grip, but instead of withdrawing, he felt a hot tongue sear against the tender flesh he had just bitten. It made Takeuchi gasp at the stark shift in sensation.

Maeda pulled back, licking his lips as he looked up at Takeuchi. Takeuchi stared back down frm his elevated position, biting his lip as he took in the look on the other man’s face.

It felt like he was going to devour him whole.

He felt a heat he hadn’t felt in quite a while tighten in his lower half. He knew what it was, of course, but he hadn’t felt it come crashing down on him with such an intense feeling of lust in decades.

He shifted his legs, emitting a sound he didn’t mean to come out as quite so desperate. Hands buried into his hair, undoing the styling of the pomade, his eyepatch dropping to the floor. Takeuchi’s own hands clung to the back of Maeda’s shirt and he whispered into his ear to please fuck him.

Maeda needed no further prompting, undoing the buckle of Takeuchi’s belt with ease. The unbuttoning of his suspenders and trousers followed quickly, and soon Takeuchi’s legs were bare, aside from socks and garters.

Takeuchi grabbed a hold of Maeda’s hand just as he was about to reach down between them. He felt his undead heart beat in his ear for entirely different reasons than before.

“Maeda-san, I need to tell you first… in case it’s a deal-breaker. I… I don’t have a penis, I have a vagina.”

Maeda blinked at him for a moment, before one of his hands came up to cup the back of his head. “That’s fine. I don’t care which it is.” Takeuchi’s cheeks flushed a deeper red, and as Maeda lifted him off him he felt the worry melt off of him. The man dropped him onto the desk among papers, pens, books and containers, swiftly pulling down his underwear and throwing them to the side as he moved Takeuchi’s thighs to rest on his shoulders.

He couldn’t help the gasp he let out when he felt that hot, hot mouth on him, teasing him with his tongue. Maeda’s hands held him steady when he felt like he was going to slide off the table, holding on to his hips.

Takeuchi’s thighs shivered as he felt Maeda’s mouth close around his clit, sucking gently. He was already wet just from how intense the kissing had been, and now he was dripping. He could feel his fluid slide from his cunt to his ass, the sound of it dripping onto the floor of his lab echoing in his ears. It made them burn in embarrassment at the obscenity of the situation. Maeda was so sure of himself, so secure in his actions, and it made his insides throb, and he could feel himself get even more wet.

He felt Maeda lean forward, his fingers ghosting over his holes as the man spoke quietly into his ear, practically folding him double with where his legs were positioned. “Where do you want me?”

Takeuchi’s legs tensed, thighs squeezing against Maeda’s head. The man leaned even further in to make them spread enough to make Takeuchi’s grip on him loose enough to make it comfortable. “Well?” he asked, and Takeuchi’s eyes grew hazy with lust. He wanted him everywhere, inside all of him, but that wasn’t humanly impossible, unless Maeda had a second dick he hadn’t told him about. “Vagina… first…”

The sound of a tin opening could be heard, and he watched in fascination as Maeda rolled a condom onto his dick. God, he wanted him inside him so bad, he was feeling a bit ridiculous from how much he wanted it.

He felt a finger push inside him, going in easy from how utterly wet he was. The finger moved inside him, forcing him to bite into his cheek to keep quiet as he felt him rub against that spot inside him that made him see stars. It was soon followed by another, stretching him, preparing him even though Takeuchi would have felt certain there was no need for that at this point had he not seen the girth of the other man.

The fingers were withdrawn far too quickly, making him let out a sound of disappointment.

Maeda shifted their positions so that Takeuchi’s could feel Maeda’s hard cock press against him, not yet entering, rubbing against his folds. It was infuriating to just be able to wait, and he couldn’t stop himself from bucking his hips against him. “Please, Maeda-san…!” he breathed, and he could see the smirk on Maeda’s face.

Hands ran along his body, delaying what Takeuchi really wanted by a few more seconds.

Then, in a quick motion, he felt Maeda’s thick cock enter him. He gasped, back arching. Only his shoulder and head were now planted on the desk as Maeda towered over him, but Maeda’s strong hands kept him from falling. Takeuchi’s hands flew over his head to grab tightly around the edge of the table as Maeda started thrusting. It was slow, far too slow for his liking at first, but soon, even Maeda had enough of the teasing, the speed picking up.

The pace was merciless, and Takeuchi found his head spinning, the girth of Maeda’s cock stretching him wide, pounding into him. He felt his body grow tense, ever so close to orgasm. Then, he felt himself get doubled over again, feet above his head as Maeda leaned in to bite his neck hard. The pressure to his nerves was enough to bring him over the edge.

He came with a yell, tightening around Maeda’s cock. Thick liquid dripped from his pussy to land on the floor, his chest heaving as Maeda looked down at him, a grin on his face. “You said vagina first… I hope you’re ready for round two.”

Breathless, Takeuchi nodded, movement slow from exertion. “Please, take me again.”

It was lucky that it was just the two of them, because there was no chance that they would be done any time soon.


The title is from Lucille Bogan's version of Shave 'em dry. Please give it a listen, it's a lot of fun.

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