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Good to me
Sumomone and Uiui get some time to themselves. They throw themselves an impromptu date that quickly turns heated.
Fandom: Show By Rock!!
Ships: Sumomone/Uiui
Characters: Uiui, Sumomone
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1,364
Type: Oneshot
Warnings: None
Tags: Balcony sex
Originally posted: 2021-05-02
Read on AO3

Being roommates with both her bandmates had been a lot of fun at first. Sadly, the more famous they got, the less time they got to spend around each other just relaxing. Getting time alone with her girlfriend was even harder, considering it was almost always the three of them in the same place.

But tonight, Rararin was going out on a date with someone off a dating app, a pretty lady with orange hair and green eyes. Sumomone thought she looked like an adorable carrot. And because Rararin was out, Sumomone was going to take the opportunity she had been given. So as soon as her bandmate was out the door, Sumomone draped herself across Uiui.

“Uiui-chaaan, what should we do for our impromptu date night-ssu?”

The ice rabbit ran her fingers through long pink hair, humming in consideration. “Let’s have a picnic on the balcony, zeyo.”

Shifting her weight on Uiui’s lap, Sumomone nuzzled her neck before slipping off of her and back on her feet. “Brilliant!” She offered her partner a hand, holding on to it even as they were walking into the kitchen to prepare.

Preparing a picnic when there’s not much to be found in the fridge was an adventure in and of itself, so they ordered delivery food to complement the scraps in the kitchen.

They spread out a blanket on the big balcony, arranging the items so they could comfortably lie on it. Vines hung all the way down from the balcony above to where they too could see them, bees happily collecting pollen, slowly bobbing between the flowers.

Sumomone sank down next to her girlfriend with their delivery food consisting of berries, fruit and cakes in hands, leaning against the ice bunny’s side. “I wish we could get more time alone together like this…” she mused out loud, cheek against a bare shoulder. “I love Rararin, but sometimes I want to be with only you, too-ssu.”

Uiui leaned her cheek against the top of pink hair, lifting a hand to run through thick pink curls. “Now that Rararin’s trying to date more I think we’ll get more alone time, zeyo. Especially if she gets a girlfriend out of it.”

Sumomone smiled, turning her head slightly to press a kiss to sunwarm skin. “She deserves a nice, cute girlfriend.”

“Now,” Wrapping her arms around Uiui, she propped her chin up on her shoulder to look at her. “May I request the beautiful Uiui-sama to hand feed me a strawberry?”

A gentle smile played on Uiui’s lips, and she patted her lap as an indication for the pink woman to lie down. With a happy purr, Sumomone slipped down, placing her head in the rabbit’s lap, a satisfied look on her face. Uiui picked a decently sized chocolate dipped berry out of the container, holding it up to her girlfriend’s. Just as Sumomone opened her mouth, Uiui lifted the strawberry higher, taking a small bite herself instead.

Sumomone gasped and laughed, staring at Uiui in surprise. Uiui gave her a cheeky smile back, before placing the berry sans tip back down, this time letting the pink woman to eat the rest. “So naughty,” Sumomone sing-songed, giggling as she swallowed. She lifted her hand to take a light hold on on her partner’s wrist, holding it steady. She drew the fingers back toward her lips, pressing a soft kiss to the tips of her lover’s fingers.

“I love you.” She gently nipped one of Uiui’s fingers. She watched the red rise to the rabbit’s cheeks. “I want to be with you forever,” she continued, taking her index finger into her mouth. The red grew an even more apparent shade, and Uiui shifted until she too was lying down, alongside her girlfriend.

“I want to be with you forever too, zeyo.” She moved her leg to press between Sumomone’s, wrapping her arms around her to hold her close. She could feel the heat building even through her underwear.

Sumomone ran a hand down Uiui’s body, lingering on her chest, feeling her nipple through the soft fabric of the shirt. Uiui shivered as Sumomone moved down, pulling the shirt up to expose her chest. The blue haired bassist covered her mouth to stifle a moan as Sumomone took her nipple between her teeth, tugging gently before taking it between her lips.

The pink haired woman moved a hand down Uiui’s belly, feeling it tense under her touch from the attention to her sensitive nipple. It continued further, pressing her fingers against cotton, rubbing gently, feeling the slickness make the fabric wet. She moved it to the side, fingers sliding against wet lips. Uiui’s breath hitched when her taller partner gripped her clit between two fingertips, covering her mouth to hold back the loud moan that threatened to escape when two fingers thrust harshly inside of her.

Sumomone smirked against her girlfriend’s skin, the soft flesh of her chest pressing against her nose. She knew just what got Uiui off, and she was taking full advantage of how easy it was to get her off in the first place.

She opened her mouth, taking a big part of Uiui’s breast into her mouth, biting down. A second hand slapped across the blue haired artist’s mouth as Uiui’s legs bent, toes curled and back arched. It was lovely how fast she could get worked up, all Sumomone had to do now was move her head down, taking her clit into her mouth. Fingers moving in and out of her, she carefully rolled the head between her teeth, gently tugging at the same time as her fingers buried faster and deeper inside Uiui’s pussy.

Fingers buried into her hair, and glancing up she saw Uiui’s stomach moving up and down with each hurried breath, only one hand covering her mouth so she could urge her girlfriend’s head deeper between her legs. Sumomone used her free hand to push her leg up over her shoulder before wrapping her arm around Uiui, squeezing the firm skin of her ass underneath her underwear.

Uiui stifled a disappointed groan when Sumomone pulled her face back, only to almost yell when the other bit into the soft flesh of her inner upper thigh, leaving both teeth marks and saliva behind. Fingers simultaneously working her both inside and out, she gripped Sumomone’s hair so hard it tugged at her scalp, making Sumomone shudder in anticipation. She could tell she was close. Uiui always got noisy just before she came, and with a final hard bite to a hip, punctuated by the thrusting and tugging of her pussy, Uiui tried to keep her moan down by means of biting into her own hand as she came, shivering, the leg draped across her partner’s shoulder squeezing the taller tight. Sumomone moved her face to ride the high of making her girlfriend cum, licking the wet fluids dripping down onto the picnic blanket.

The orgasm left Uiui shaking, a happy smile on her face as she unfurled her fist in Sumomone’s hair, moving on to gently brushing through the rumpled curls. “You’re too good to me, zeyo,” she breathed, tugging gently at her ear to make her partner come back face to face with her. “I love you,” she whispered, voice shaky. “So, so much.”

Sumomone moved in for a kiss, sharing the taste of Uiui’s cum on her tongue with the one holding her affections. “You’re stunning…” she replied, pushing sweaty hair out of Uiui’s face. “God, I love you so much, too. Just looking at you like this turns me on.”

Uiui moved her hand across Sumomone’s full breast, pushing both bra and shirt up over them. She watched them fall heavy to the side, and she ran her fingers across the areola and the nipple of one of them, watching Sumomone’s face with admiration. She tugged at the vertical piercing in her left nipple, feeling it harden beneath her touch. “I’ll make you come too, if you want to…”

Sumomone bit her lip, smiling back at her. “Please.”

With a soft smile, full of adoration, Uiui cupped Sumomone’s cheek, leaning forward to kiss her deeply. She swallowed Sumomone’s moans whole.

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