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Kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me forever.
Ron hadn't planned on Toto finding out he was in love with him like this, but somehow it all turns out much better than he expected. He can even add a whole list of new experiences to his repertoire.
Fandom: Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective
Ships: Isshiki "Toto" Totomaru/Kamonohashi Ron
Characters: Isshiki "Toto" Totomaru, Kamonohashi Ron
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3,015
Type: Oneshot
Warnings: None
Tags: First kiss, first time, first love, anal fingering, blow jobs
Originally posted: 2023-01-09

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It was embarrassing, really. Would have been humiliating, had it been anyone but Toto in front of him. To be seen at your most vulnerable, completely laid bare for someone else was a frightening prospect, a thought that Ron hadn’t really entertained many times in his life. He had never had any friends aside from when he was very little, too fixated on the thrill of solving cases and the excitement of being so close to the goal of becoming a proper detective taking up far too much of his time to even consider the looks thrown his way, the gossip among his peers, back before he was so violently thrown out of the career path he’d longed for. He knew how to dress well, to keep himself well-groomed, and on some level he knew he was quite attractive. He had just never been interested in anyone’s advances, had rebuffed them with little regard to gentle turndowns. He had only one thing in mind, and any potential suitors were wasting their time. He had more important things to do.

Then he had locked himself away, only interacted with his tenants when needed, avoiding risky conversations as best as he could. Interacting with others while terrified of accidentally getting sucked into his obsessions by his own carelessness was no breeding ground for romance.

But then Toto had entered his life like a whirlwind, brown hair and gentle eyes, pulling him back to his very own garden of Eden, full of forbidden fruit, like Eve led to the appletree by a very well-meaning snake.

It wasn’t a perfect analogy.

To his own surprise, Ron found himself falling in love, a feeling so intense it was second only to his passion for solving crime. He sat with the feeling, the realisation that for the first time he held someone in such a tender spot in his heart, for a good while. He pondered it while alone in his apartment, cat curled up and snoring into his ear as he lay on the floor. He’d sorted through the tangle of emotions, brand new yet somehow a mess, like headphones when you dare look away for just a second.

He found he didn’t mind it; the feelings he held for Toto were there, and he could either accept them or shove them aside into a box named denial, and he had learned that feelings didn’t go away just because you refused to acknowledge them.

So he found himself pining, even as he teased and played around with the man who had barged into his life and somehow managed to become his saviour, loving every reaction the older man offered at every outrageous costume, fake name and action. He savoured it like one did a gourmet meal, watching the growth in the other as they solved cases together, watching the man get more confident and sure of himself. He thought, that just like Toto was a positive influence on him, Ron might be a positive one on Toto in return, and it made his heart do silly things in his chest.

Silly things that lead to making silly suggestions when they found themselves stranded halfway between one destination and the next, a storm having caused the train station they were meant to transfer at to close down for the night. Because with the sudden influx of people needing to stay the night in a town ill-equipped for so many guests, Ron found himself stuck with the setup of a romance movie rather than the crime show him and Toto so often found themselves in.

Ron would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that his heart skipped a beat when they were informed that there was only one bed left. They were no strangers to sharing a room by now, but when they had been warned about this specific sleeping situation at the hotel, Toto’s ‘wowza’ had been absolutely delightful. Then they had been told that there was a couch in the room, and they’d be brought extra blankets and necessities for their misfortune, as well as dinner free of charge.

But then they were alone, and Toto had looked so adorable coming out of the bathroom after his shower, dressed in a fluffy robe and hair on end after having towel-dried it, that Ron’s brain couldn't stop his mouth from suggesting that they just share the bed instead.

Toto had looked at him with bafflement at the suggestion, no doubt catching the way Ron’s ears and neck burned red as he passed him to take his own shower, declaring his intent to wash up quickly after the suggestion, as if it would distract either of them what had been said.

It wasn’t like it was a big bed, one where two people could easily fit without sharing too much intimacy. It was maybe a meter wide at best, leaving little room for privacy.

While Ron washed his face with water that somehow managed to feel colder than his face no matter how much he turned the knobs, he considered whether he wanted Toto to solve this puzzle or not. He’d so clearly laid out the pieces just now, albeit by accident. It all depended on what kind of reaction it might bring out of him he supposed.

Toto didn’t strike him as the type of person to be particularly judgemental about a man liking another man, though he might be surprised at it being aimed at himself. What was more concerning was how awkward Toto would feel in the event of turning him down. Ideally, if he had planned on telling the brunet about his feelings, he would have done it somewhere Toto could easily be on his own after, if need be. Tonight however, there was nowhere else to go, but maybe the couch, and that was hardly enough space to mull over a confession.

After having scrubbed his body down for longer than was reasonable, Ron dressed in his pajamas, having grabbed it instead of the bathrobe in his haste to get to the bathroom. When he stepped back into the little bedroom, he found Toto looking at him with thoughtful eyes. There was a lot less trepidation on his face than Ron would have expected had he figured out what Ron’s impromptu suggestion implied, but there was a dusting of red across his cheeks that told him that yes, Toto had figured him out.

“Ron, do you have feelings for me?”

The raven startled at how straightforward the question was, and he found his face grow hot again. But he wouldn’t deny it, if Toto was going to be this open with his questions, he deserved honesty in return. He sat down on the edge of the bed, body turned to where Toto was sitting on the couch, watching him intently.

“Yeah.” Ron looked back at him through his bangs, taking a steadying breath before continuing. “Quite a lot of strong feelings, actually.”

Toto hummed, the blush on his face spreading at the response. “Wow… um…” Ron’s eyes followed Toto’s movement as the police detective got up to stand in front of him, looking a little hesitant before his hands came up to rest on his cheeks, pinkies resting just beneath his jaw. “Can I kiss you?”

Ron stared up at him, mouth open, shocked. Usually he was pretty good at reading people, but he honestly hadn’t expected for Toto to so readily accept him. “I…” He swallowed, eyes flicking to Toto’s lips. “Yes.”

Toto bent down, pressing his lips to Ron’s.

Ron could admit to himself that he had spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about what kissing Toto might feel like. During his hours of figuring himself out, it had been a particularly enjoyable thing to imagine, but he hadn’t actually considered it to truly happen.

His eyes were wide open, taking in the gentle look in Toto’s eyes. He caught the red bringing colour to Toto’s cheeks just barely within his field of vision, but the rest was just his partner’s eyes, grey like the sky over a stormy sea, the light of the bedside lamp reflecting off of them, giving them a warm hue. The sensation of soft lips on his own made him gasp, and he found himself pushing into it, hands coming up to grab at the fluffy fabric of Toto’s bathrobe. He closed his eyes, feeling himself consumed by the touch, firm but gentle, one of Toto’s hands moving to the back of his head as he carefully guided Ron to lie back on the bed, following with him as to not break the kiss.

Ron wrapped his arms around Toto’s shoulders, pulling him closer as the other propped himself up with his arms, one hand grasping at his hair. Ron let out an embarrassing whine as Toto pulled back, breaking the kiss. “I like you too,” Toto admitted, cheeks burning bright, but still looking him steadfast in the eye. “A lot.” Then he bent down again, only to bypass Ron’s eager mouth entirely. But Ron didn’t have the time to voice a complaint before he felt those lips paint a trail alongside his neck, and he couldn’t stop himself from letting out a low groan as Toto gently nipped at his skin, right above his pulse.

Ron’s eyes slid open just a fraction to look at what Toto was doing, though he was barely able to focus from the distracting feeling of every soft kiss, lick and bite to his neck sending very pleasant shivers down his body. He was hard, he could tell without having to make sure. Hard just from kisses, and extremely so. “T-Toto…” he breathed, and the older man opened his eyes to look at him, then downward.

“I don’t have any condoms with me,” Toto admitted, face red. “But I have an idea,” he whispered. “If you’ll let me?” Their eyes met, and Ron found himself nodding. “I’d let you do anything to me…” he murmured, much to his own embarrassment.

Toto moved back up to kiss him again, Ron delighting in the feeling of lips, teeth and tongue on his own. When the police detective sat up again, it was to get Ron out of his pajamas, the raven lifting his hips helpfully to get the bottoms off. The air in the room was warm, but the bareness left him shivering under Toto’s gaze. Toto moved his hand up to his lips, wetting a few of his fingers, blushing under Ron’s watchful eyes. He soon withdrew them, hand moving down toward Ron’s most private areas. He felt a finger trace the outline of his anus, his own cheeks burning just as bright as Toto’s. “Is this okay?” Toto asked, waiting. He didn’t want Ron to do anything he would regret, but Ron was wholly and truly in for the experience. He wanted to know just how many ways Toto could make him feel good. He nodded, hands reaching out for Toto’s face to cup his cheeks just like Toto had done to him earlier. Toto seemed to understand, as he moved up to let their lips meet again, the kiss deep, at the same time as Ron felt his finger push inside.

Any sound he would have made was swallowed whole by Toto, who kissed him so deeply it made everything else melt away. The feeling of Toto lightly sucking on his tongue, of him biting his lip and simply just pressing his lips to Ron’s was enough to drive him crazy, but then he felt a finger push against something inside of him. He threw his head back, ending the kiss without meaning to, back arching. “W-what-” Then he felt it again, and he looked up at Toto in confusion. The quiet giggle Toto let out was dazzling. “Yeah, I suppose they didn’t mention this part in your sex ed classes,” he teased - Toto, teasing him! - “Does it feel good?”

The nod from Ron was so enthusiastic it made Toto laugh, smile bright on his face. “I’m glad.” He then moved downwards, shushing Ron gently when he realised the kissing wasn’t continuing. Ron was just about to ask what he was doing when he felt hot air against the head of his cock. All the while Toto’s fingers worked inside him, a new sensation was now added to the mix.

He had to slap a hand over his own mouth as he felt Toto’s tongue lick a long stripe from the base all the way to the tip before taking him into his mouth. His legs twitched helplessly, and he didn’t know what to do with his hands anymore, staring into the ceiling, biting into his palm to keep the sounds he knew would be loud inside. Toto seemed to notice, and shifted them around until he could reach out with his free hand to take hold of the one covering Ron’s mouth. “It’s okay,” he reassured after pulling back for just a second so he was able to speak. “I’d like to hear you.”

The security in his voice was one that was similar to the one he was developing out in the field. Right now it was also comforting, gentle, making Ron feel at ease. He gripped Toto’s hand back, his other hand curling around the edge of the bed as he felt Toto’s mouth move back against the sensitive skin of his dick, and his mind was spinning. The feeling of Toto’s fingers moving inside of him, up and against that spot that felt so incredibly good, combined with his mouth on him, even the reassuring way his thumb moved across his knuckles, it was so much.

He came with a moan that turned into a breathless gasp, across Toto’s mouth and tongue. Toto pulled his fingers out of him, running them up and down his trembling stomach. Ron was left gasping for air, eyes wide, sweat dripping down his body. His eyes shifted to catch sight of Toto as the other man moved up to him again, wiping the cum off his face with the sleeve of the bathrobe.

His cum.

His face burned, but he couldn’t stop staring at the way Toto’s lips glistened, how they were slightly swollen. Toto smiled at him, leaning in to kiss him again. This time it was slow and firm, while his hand kept running along Ron’s still trembling stomach. “I… me, let me…” He was at a loss for words, but found plenty of will when he rolled over, hand ghosting over Toto’s own hard cock through the fabric of his underwear. Once he got confirmation, he moved down, pulling Toto free of his underwear in a quick motion. He paused for a moment, staring down at his partner’s (lover’s?) dick, contemplating his plan of action. He didn’t actually know what he was doing, had never even really found the interest to watch porn, the way he knew some of his classmates when he was younger had done, but he had gotten an idea of what to do from what Toto had just done to him.

He started off the same way he remembered Toto doing, but then it was hard to remember the exact moves, so he decided to improvise. The taste was unexpected, though he had never given it much thought, so what had he been expecting, truly? The skin felt different, but not unpleasant, and once he got used to the thought of it he got more confident. He took the head of Toto’s cock into his mouth, his hand cupping the other man’s balls, carefully moving his fingers across the skin as he moved his tongue around the dick in his mouth, feeling like he must be doing something right from the little noises Toto was making.

Slowly, he took more into his mouth, until he felt the tip nearing the edge of his soft palate. He didn’t think he had the skills to take the entirety of Toto’s cock inside his mouth then, but with practice he was sure he could get there. He pulled back, a soft pop in his ears when the cock fell out of his mouth, and he shifted slightly to instead lick along the bottom again. He felt Toto’s hands carefully grab onto his hair, caress his face, and he looked up. The expression on Toto’s face was beautiful; open and vulnerable, eyes just barely open to look down at him, jaw slack and breaths coming out in short bursts. His chest was heaving.

On a whim, Ron moved his mouth further down, where the cock ended and the testicles attached. He licked his way across the skin, until he reached the sack itself. The gently took a section of it into his mouth and sucked.

The reaction from Toto was a treasure, watching the man above him so close to undone, fingers tightening in his hair, twitching. Watching Toto intently, Ron moved on, licking and sucking on the sensitive skin until he was back at his cock again, taking him into his mouth. He greedily watched every shift in expression on the brunet’s face. Then, just as he was about to take more of him in, Toto unravelled. The taste of him was so surprising it made Ron freeze for a moment, as he felt Toto’s cum fill his mouth, threatening to go down the wrong pipe as he almost breathed it in. He pulled back, the last of Toto’s cum painting his lips white.

He couldn’t keep from coughing, Toto making sure that he was okay as soon as he recovered from his orgasm. “Are you okay? I can get you a glass of water if you’d like.”

Ron shook his head, placing his hand firmly on Toto’s thigh. He just needed a minute, and then, “I, actually, I’d like, I’d like for you to kiss me again.”

A baffled laugh escaped Toto, but he happily obliged, pressing firm kisses all over Ron’s face.

He did still end up getting him that glass of water though.


I know we don't actually know Toto's age, but I like the idea of him being at least a little older, so until we know, I'll headcanon him as such.

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