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Honey, take a shine to me
Kabuto comes home after months abroad. Oboro takes the chance to have him all to himself.

Fandom: Psyren
Ships: Mochizuki Oboro/Kirisaki Kabuto
Characters: Mochizuki Oboro, Kirisaki Kabuto
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2'606
Type: Oneshot
Warnings: None.
Tags: Shibari, bondage, anal sex, anal fingering, mentions of war
Originally posted: 2023-12-25
Read on AO3

There had been no luckier man on earth, Oboro had decided when Kabuto finally confessed that he felt more than just a physical level of attraction for the actor.

How lucky he was to finally be able to have the man of his affections in all the ways he wanted. Lucky and utterly greedy to want to keep him for himself now that he finally had him. He didn’t want to let him go even for a second.

How unfortunate it was that the world kept turning and time kept moving, and he eventually had to let Kabuto out of his sight, at least for the time being.

While the world turned back to normal for the most part, Oboro returned to his acting career. Kabuto on the other hand decided to go out further into the world, walking in his uncle’s footsteps as he travelled to warzone after warzone, taking pictures to share the lives of people whose lives were touched by devastation.

He would be gone for months on end.

Oboro remembered when the story of a corrupt government in a country Kabuto had set his sights on visiting, camera in tow, broke. A government that hadn’t been very pleased when Kabuto and a few other photographers and journalists had managed to get their photos across the country borders to show what a total control of all media had kept in the dark. It had really been the proper start to Kabuto’s career as a war photographer and his first political enemies out of more than a few.

Had it not been for Menace, Oboro would have worried. Not that the ability rendered him invincible, the man had run straight into danger to save Ageha before after all, but his chances of survival were higher than that of most people.

Sometimes he found himself considering just leaving his acting career one day and going with the other man, but for now it was just a thought.

But Kabuto was home now, and for a while, Oboro refused to let him go again.


The sun hung low in the sky, bathing Kabuto’s small apartment in an orange hue that made everything feel warm. A fly that had gotten in through the cracked kitchen window was quietly buzzing among dried-out plants and unopened letters, water dripping off the clean dishes in the rack the only sound accompanying it.

Next to him on the couch in front of the TV, Kabuto was fiddling with one of the lenses for his camera, the item having gotten damaged during the last duration of his trip. He sat with his back against the armrest, one leg pulled up on the seat, using it to prop up the lens as he tried to salvage it. The other lay across Oboro’s lap.

Oboro had the script for a movie on his knees that he was mostly ignoring in favour of watching his boyfriend at work.

Kabuto must have felt that he was being watched, because soon he found their eyes meeting, the other peering over at him. “What’s up?” he asked, the small pliers he had in his mouth dropping right into his waiting hand.

“Nothing in particular,” Oboro smiled, toying with the fraying hem of Kabuto’s jeans. “Just thinking about how pretty you look right now.”

Red bloomed on Kabuto’s cheeks, a small pout on his lips. “God, that’s so cheesy.” He wiped his hand across the lower half of his face, as if trying to wipe the blush away. It was cute.

“I can’t be cheesy when I haven’t seen my boyfriend in almost 7 months?”

Kabuto turned his head to the side, eyes darting around the room. Try as he might to look nonchalant, he was failing miserably. He muttered something under his breath.

Oboro’s smile was teasing, and he leaned forward, running his hand up Kabuto’s leg, letting it come to a stop on his knee. His face was only a few centimetres from the other man’s turned cheek. “What was that? I don’t think I heard you.”

The blush grew a deeper shade of red, Kabuto staring firmly at the wall abve the TV. “Maybe you can be… a little bit cheesy, if you want.”

“Perfect.” Plucking the lens out of Kabuto’s hands, he set it aside on the coffee table. “Now, I’d like to make out with you, if that’s alright.”

“We made out plenty at the airport,” Kabuto mumbled, but then turned his head, taking Oboro’s face between his hands. They had spent way too long locked in an airport bathroom, just making out until their lips were practically burning. “But okay.”

Oboro’s smile turned wicked, and he grabbed the leg on his lap, pulling. Kabuto landed on his back on the seat of the couch with a little yelp and a thud, and once Oboro had him close enough to his liking, the man almost on his lap by that point, he bent down to capture his partner’s lips.

The kiss was deep and slow, Oboro feeling every hitch in Kabuto’s breath as he moved his hands along his body. When they finally pulled away from each other far enough to breathe, Kabuto looked up at him through barely open eyes. “Bed?” he asked.

Kabuto was quick to agree.


Adjusting the final knot, Oboro gazed down at his handiwork, a fond look on his face. Kabuto was sitting on his knees on the bed, arms drawn behind him, tied together with scarlet rope, wearing nothing but his underwear.

His fingers ran along the lines of the taketekote, ghosting skin, making Kabuto shiver. His legs were tied ankle to thigh, ensuring their bent position. Oboro combed through the hair covering Kabuto’s neck, pressing his lips to his skin. Kabuto’s head turned to look over his shoulder, his cheeks dusted pink.

Oboro moved his hand to rest on one of them, thumb grazing his lips, Kabuto chasing after the touch without even seeming to notice when he withdrew his hand.

Bending down to reach over the edge of the bed, Oboro picked up Kabuto’s camera, removing the cover and turning it on. Kabuto’s eyes followed his every move, the corner of his mouth ticking upwards. “You might wanna get a different lens if you’re planning on taking pictures,” he said.

Oboro turned it over, examining it. “How so?”

“That one’s better for long-distance shots. You want the one I have in the purple case.”

Oboro was thankful for the help. He’d seen the photos Kabuto had taken of him, pictures he’d been averse to showing until later on in their relationship. He was a good photographer, it made even Oboro, who was quite used to having his picture taken by now, feel a little bashful about how intimate they all looked. He wanted so dearly to return the favour and capture Kabuto as well.

Getting up on his feet, he reached for the bag Kabuto carried his camera equipment in, the bag resting next to the couch that stood at the foot of the bed. Opening it up, he found the case he was looking for, picking it up and changing the lens attached to the camera for the appropriate one.

When he turned back around to face Kabuto, he lifted the camera to his eye. He called Kabuto’s name, the other’s eyes turning toward him again. The camera clicked as he took his first shot.

"We’re lucky we don’t have to go get these developed from someone else like they used to back in the day. I don’t know if I’d be able to look whoever had to develop these in the eye after,” Kabuto muttered, face red. Try as he might, he seemed to be feeling a little bit shy about being the one having his picture taken.

Oboro moved around the side of the bed, camera in one hand, light grip on Kabuto’s chin with the other. Leaning down, he pressed his lips to Kabuto’s. He saw Kabuto’s eyes slip closed, and he couldn’t help but smile into the kiss.

Once it ended, he watched the dazed expression on Kabuto’s face. Quickly, he snapped another picture. Just a few seconds later, his partner’s cheeks grew even more red as his brain caught up to his surroundings again.

“You’re too cute when you get all shy,” Oboro hummed, running a finger along Kabuto’s spine as he looked at him through the viewfinder. The sound of another photo being taken followed the shudder it brought him. He leaned in close to Kabuto’s face, lips not quite touching. Teasing.

“I’m so happy to have this side of you all to myself.”

He pressed the smallest peck to Kabuto’s lips before pushing at his chest. With a yelp, Kabuto fell on his back, unable to stop the fall. He landed softly on the blanket, the duvet muffling the sound.

“Now, we shouldn’t forget the final touch, should we?”

Lifting Kabuto’s left leg, he looped a length of rope into the o-ring he’d attached to the rope at the crook of Kabuto’s knee. He leaned over Kabuto, watching his expression as he wrapped the rope around the black metal rods of the headboard, on to his other leg. He pulled until Kabuto’s legs were raised to his liking, fastening the rope securely. He smiled as he looked into Kabuto’s eyes.

Straightening his back again, he lifted the camera to take another shot, backing away to get a better view for the next one. Then, turned the camera off, placing it on the nightstand.

Standing on his knees, running his hands along Kabuto’s calves, up his thighs, he marvelled at the sight of him. He leaned in to give him another kiss.

“You’re so pretty,” he whispered into his ear. He smiled at the way Kabuto bit his lower lip. “So beautiful.”

“You can’t just... say stuff like that when I’m like this.”

“Why not? I’m not lying.”

Kabuto turned his eyes to the side, clearly avoiding eye contact. “It makes me feel weird things.”

“Weirder things than when you confessed you like me?”

That made Kabuto grumble a little, but Oboro caught his eye back on him again. “Can you just fuck me before it gets too mushy?”

He got it. No matter how many partners he’d had before getting together with Oboro, he wasn’t used to quite such heartfelt compliments. Oboro knew his previous relationships hadn’t exactly been conventional. Well, theirs wasn’t quite conventional either, in some ways, but it was a full-fledged relationship after all, which was more than either of them had really experienced before.

But he liked complimenting Kabuto, so he was going to keep on doing it.

“Alright,” Oboro’s smile was sweet as he got the tube of lube and a condom out of the nightstand he’d placed the camera on top of just moments before. The condom didn’t take long for him to put on, giving a layer of protection between him and the somewhat cool air of the apartment. The temperature wasn’t quite up to regular after having been turned off while Kabuto was away yet.

He ran a finger along the edge of Kabuto’s underwear, opening the cap of the tube with a silent pop . With slick fingers he pushed past the hem of the underwear, slowly pushing inside.

The noise Kabuto made was minuscule but delightful, and it made Oboro want to swallow him whole. Instead, he bent forward, capturing his partner’s lips as his fingers worked him open, the kiss as deep as he could possibly make it.

Kabuto’s back arched as Oboro’s fingers found his prostate, the moan he made swallowed by Oboro’s lips on his. Again and again, he moved his fingers, making Kabuto see stars.

“Oboro, if you keep going, I’m gonna-” He didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence as he came with a groan, head turning to press his face into the pillows, but Oboro caught his cheek, turning his face back to kiss him again. White coated Oboro’s fingers as he withdrew them to run along Kabuto’s stomach.

“I’m going to fuck you know,” he said, voice low. Kabuto’s nod was slow, almost as if his neck had turned into jelly, making it hard to lift his head.

“Come on,” Kabuto urged, bucking his hips as Oboro positioned himself. With a slow and steady move, Oboro pushed inside. Kabuto’s hips twitched, but Oboro kept him still with firm hands. “Move already. Fuck me.”

Just as slowly as before, Oboro pulled out, drawing light complaints from Kabuto’s mouth. Then, he slammed himself deep inside, until he couldn’t get any further. Kabuto almost screamed, and it made Oboro grin. He thrusted, deep and fast, his movements urging Kabuto’s voice louder and louder. The ‘ fuck ’s and ‘ god ’s egged him on, made him want everyone to hear that voice as he, only he, wrecked him so thoroughly.

As he felt his own orgasm draw near, he moved a hand between them, his hand moving slowly up and down Kabuto’s cock. When he looked into Kabuto’s eyes, he could tell that the contrast between the slow touches to his dick and the harshness of his thrusts were driving Kabuto crazy.

He was stunning.

Oboro told him as much as he kissed him again and again, until he came. Oboro didn’t stop moving. He held the base of the condom so it didn’t slip off as his dick grew softer, his thrusts now tantalisingly slow as he caught his breath and his body allowed him to get hard again. While he thrusted, slow and steady, he pressed kisses to any part of Kabuto’s exposed skin he could reach. His face, his collarbones, his knees.

Kabuto’s body was twitching with sensitivity, sweat dripping down his body and onto the sheets. Oboro drew his fringe out of his eyes to press a kiss to his damp forehead.

Still thrusting, he leaned his forehead against Kabuto’s. “I love you,” he said. It was cheesy to say such a thing while having sex, he had learned. But he was so delighted by the man beneath him, he couldn’t stop himself.

He watched Kabuto’s already flushed face grow the most intense shade of red as he couldn’t seem to keep his wits about him for a moment. Oboro stayed silent, watching him, downright admiring him.

“I,” Kabuto stuttered, “I love you too.” He turned his face toward the pillow again, eyes moving back and forth between Oboro’s eyes and the wall. “I love you too, but I kinda wish I could hide my face right now.”

Oboro paused his movements. “But I love your face.”

“God, I don’t get how you can say things like that with a straight face.”

Oboro’s smile was wide, and he moved in to give Kabuto yet another kiss. “I don’t see why I shouldn’t.”

“It’s fine that you don’t. Just...” Kabuto looked him firmly in the eye.


“Just don’t do it too often or you’re gonna make me have a heart attack or something.”

“Oh! I can’t have you dying on me now! I’ve got to tell you I love you a lot more times first.”

“Sure. But uh, you gonna finish fucking me first or are we just gonna talk while you’re still inside me all night?”

Oboro laughed at that, giving him another kiss, this one to the tip of the nose. He loved the way it made his face scrunch up for a moment. “I will. Though I wouldn’t mind spending all night inside of you.”

The grin on Kabuto’s face was lopsided, full of teeth.

“I know you wouldn’t.”


I've had this sitting for a while, but I'm trying to finish WIPs from this year. I have like. 10 across different fandoms. ...Yes I also have WIPs from like 10 years ago but. Details.

The title is from the song Take a shine to me by The Ark. Do check out their song Ain't too proud to bow, I haven't had the chance to use it for a title yet.

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