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W e l c o m e

Please don't repost, edit or use my pictures without permission! Please ask!

I allow absolutely no involvment with AI or NFT when it comes to what I make.

This site is strictly Not Safe For Work, R-18, intended for mature audiences, pick your poison!

This site belongs to thepasteldyke, as a place where I can post my R18 art uncensored. Not all of it is straight-up porn, but plenty of it is. If you're below 18, this is not the space for you. If you look at the stuff here, that's on you.


pink tentacle wrapped around a blue lollipop
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text that reads tentaclit, a pink character lifting her shirt up with her mouth, cut off at upper half of the boob

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Kabuto from Psyren taking a selfie in a mirror, sticking his tongue out. next to text that reads 'desperate sluts in your area, sign up now!!'
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