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I'm Frejr Eldlilja, and I like to draw, sew and smooch on my cats. I'm from the Swedish countryside, which my cats love, and the farm loves that the cats are great at hunting (well, one of the cats, really). I'm 30+ and my pronouns are she/her. Considering my handle is thepasteldyke in most places you can probably guess that I'm very gay.

I've used a few different ones on my NSFW twitter throughout the days, until this one stuck, such as "presentmicslut" and "pastelfemme".

I have two cats, Kalma and Njord. They're twins, just like me, but they don't get along super well. Pity, considering they were so cuddly when they were younger. Kalma is a very good rat/vole/mouse hunter, Njord is more of a homebody. She's my anxiety baby. Kalma deleted this paragraph when I originally wrote it, thank fuck for ctrl+z.

I love pretty much all manga made by Karakara Kemuri-sensei, but Mars Red is my favourite. I simply love Takeuchi so much. I loved playing the rhythm game Show By Rock, so I'm pretty bummed they closed it down. Hopefully they make a new version eventually.

Social Media

These are my links that include NSFW content, but most of them aren't exclusively NSFW. Well, aside from ko-fi, they don't allow smut. You can find a more complete list of social media I have at the bottom of the about page on my SFW site.

I do have twitter but I don't really use it anymore.

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