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Rom and Shuzo, dressed but with Shuzo's shorts pushed down so Rom can fuck him from behind. Shuzo has one leg pulled up on the kitchen counter, Rom's arms are around Shuzo, up by his chest. The lower half of his face is pressed against Shuzo's shoulder. Rom is wearing an unbuttoned blue flannel shirt and black sweats, Shuzo is wearing a light blue shirt with light green embroidery of stars and a moon as well as pink shorts. The same image as 5 but they're now naked. From the side. Rom is lying on his back on a bed, his head raised toward Shuzo, who's straddling him. His visible hand is sliding up the back of Shuzo's shirt. One of Shuzo's hands is on Rom's chest, the other beside his head. Rom's tail is wrapped around Shuzo's calf. They're dressed in the same clothes as above. They're smiling. The same as the second image, only now they're naked and you can see that Rom's dick is inside Shuzo.


Sumomone in the front, stretching as she sits at the edge of the bed. The shirt she's wearing is bunched up over her boobs. Behind her, Uiui is sitting on the other side of the bed, looking at her, blushing. Sumomone standing on her knees in front of Uiui, whose lips are brushing her nipple. They're both naked. Uiui and Sumomone scissoring, Uiui sitting up, one of Sumomone's legs over her shoulders. Sumomone is on her back, one of her hands resting on Uiui's thigh. A drawing of Shuzo, naked aside from light blue underwear and a pink choker that has a heartshaped padlock locking it together in the front. His left hand is down at his thigh while his right is resting just above his underwear at his lower stomach/groin. He's wearing cuffs but the chain between them has been removed. He's grinning a bit, the key to the lock between his teeth. The same image of Shuzo as above, although now looking like he did when he was in Amatelast, with black hair and a darker dyed tail. His face is neutral, his left arm down, his right hand sneaking a finger under the thigh high fishnet stockings he's wearing. He's wearing black underwear and a black garterbelt, as well as a choker and his necklace with the blue gem. Image of 661 (Roroy), lying on his back, hands pinned together above his head by 151 (Ecoy)'s hand, the rest of 151 out of frame. At the bottom of the image you see 12 (E=me)'s hand spreading his legs. 661 has cum on the lower part of his face, as he licks his lips.

↓↓↓Beware ridiculously sized dick.↓↓↓

Part one of an image sequence of 661 (Roroy) and 151 (Ecoy). 151 is sitting with his legs spread, topless, wearing trousers but his dick out (though censored). 661 is wearing underwear and socks, kneeling in front of 151, looking flustered, while 151 grins. A square above them reads 'oh'. Part two of image sequence of 661 (Roroy) and 151 (Ecoy). 151 is propping himself up with his left hand, his right lifting 661 by the small of his back as he fucks him, 661's right leg slung over 151's shoulder, his left around his thigh. 661's stomach is bulging from the size of 151's dick, he's holding on to the sheets below him. There's a square with the word 'fuck' next to them. Part three of image sequence of 661 (Roroy) and 151 (Ecoy). Both are lying on their backs, 151 with his hands behind his head, one leg drawn up so his leg is bent, knee to the sky. He's grinning, looking smug. 661 looks overwhelmed, hair and fur tousled, hands close by his face. Three dots are in a square next to his head. Doodle followup to the above three pictures of 661 (Roroy) and 151 (Ecoy) in chibi form, consisting of two pictures. Top picture has both of them on their backs, sweaty and 661 covered in cum. 151 says 'told you I'm the best!', while 661 lies there in silence. Doodle followup to the above three pictures, final part. 661 is turned to the side, pinching 151's cheek, brandishing his knife-sharp tail, saying 'If ya tell anyone I'll slice ya up', 151 responding 'owowow! I won't tell! I won't!'
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